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Arya Bhivpathaki

Co-Founder & CEO

Devakanta Rao

Co-Founder & CTO

Raghav Khare

Chief Relations Officer

Siddharth Mayur


About Reticulo Sport Technology

Building a technology first ecosystem for racket games players harnessing the power of AI and digital collaboration

Our ecosystem is the only fully featured and integrated with state-of-the-art techonology which helps in improving player performances on court and increases productivity of coaches.

Our Philosophy

We’re on a mission to change how we think of sport analysis and bring ground breaking technologies to help improving sport in India from grassroot level upto the elite level

Our Philosophy
Why Us

Why Us

We understand the mammoth process of becoming a professional athlete. Data driven analytics has taken center stage in a lot of sports already, we believe that we are capable of providing right value to all athletes who want to compete at a high level.

We are backed by


Society of Innovation and Entrepreurship IIT Bombay


Ministry of Electronics and Telecommunications

Founders Hub

Founders Hub by Microsoft for Startups


Department of Science and Technology


Technology Innovation Hub for Internet of Things, IIT Bombay


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